Misool Kajak Ekspedition 2013

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Unloading equipment in Sorong Airport


Off to Misool on the cargo ship


Fishermen with net cages full of live napoleon wrasses and groupers to be sold to Chinese buyers.


We are on our selves and the cargo ship returns.





Our campsite (1) at high tide.


Camp 1


Food is prepared




Loading the kayak




Camp 3. Pretty nice


Camp 4. Not bad.


Camp 5. Hey dude.



Solo kayaking


Young blacktips in the mangrove


Mangrove roots


Archer fish


Spectacular bay


Travallies and rainbowrunners




Pitcher plants. Very common on the cliff sides


Some shells from the beach. (We did not take them with us.)


Blacktipped reef shark at the reef slope


Healthy corals almost everywhere.


Just arrived to another campsite


Paradise beach


Entrance to the cove. Hard to spot.


Finding shelter


Coconut crab (in front)



Home for a few days.


Towards the camp before sunset


Another beach


Baby blacktip cruising




Healthy life


Corals corals corals


Harry and his men



Back at Misool Eco Resort


End of trip. Packing the gear.


Back in Sorong. Mainland Papua.